We are a family of 4 + a dog who live and travel in our RV. 


Tom and Kim(me) make up the parental units. M & Liv make up the 14-year-old twin piece of the family, and Coco, the dog, rounds us out. We gave away 98% of our belongings and started this RV journey in January 2021, but we have always loved road trips and camping. We are on a mission to see as much of this Earth as possible while learning about local cultures and enjoying delicious local food, hard cideries, and the occasional brewery. We live this life because there is so much more out there than the little bubble we’d created for ourselves.

Trippin’ with the Southers was born while I taught real estate agents a social media class before our 12-day 12-National Park road trip in 2019. While speaking about our trip and our joy for road trips, they all agreed we should create an Instagram for our travels. So I did.

When COVID shut down the world, we were small business owners who worked from home and saw firsthand what a disaster distance learning was. When we chose to homeschool, we didn’t realize how great of a decision it would be. A few months later, when our landlord inquired about us moving in 30-days, we had no idea what we would do, but needing a school right away was not a concern.

Since you’re here, you know where we ended up—traveling the United States in a 38-foot class A motorhome.

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Allow me to introduce myself, my name is…


Tom is our Captain, who drives our 38-foot beast of a home everywhere we go. He puts up with our shenanigans and doesn’t complain much. He’s our family math-er who loves telling bad dad jokes. 


I am the hippie-dippie tree-hugger who dreamed up this idea but doesn’t drive. I navigate. I make everybody eat vegan often and implement non-waste practices, even in the RV.



M (she prefers Em but allows me to use M) is the older twin. By 7-minutes. She is a mother-hen to Liv, can give Tom a run for his money on bad dad jokes, and is very pun-ny.


Liv barely puts up with our shenanigans. Rolls her eyes a lot at our adventures and provides us with a ton of laughter.

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